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Ernst Riedl / Amati bassoon,







Ernst Riedl  Bassoon

Made in Czechoslovakia by Mr. Ernst Riedl, the craftsman that originally started work for V Kohlert and Sohnes in the Graslitz Bohemia territoryStamped "Ernst Riedl" "Made in Czechoslovakia " on bell. The bassoon is still mint condition. The silver/nickel plating and finish are in perfect condition. No any worn, scratch or rust.

I contacted Amati bassoon company in Czech and the confirned that Ernst Riedl  bassoon is considered as early Amati bassoon but better manufactured.

This is standard German (Heckel) system bassoon. Well equipped, 24 keys including high C, D key, whisper key and lock , 9 rollers (Bb-E-F#, F#-F-Ab, Db-Eb) . Water tubes on all finger holes. Body made from  beautiful grained maple wood with mahogany finish. 


This bassoon has very good intonation, easy response from top to bottom. It produce deep, dark sound. Highly recommended to high school, college students.





- New Case    - 2 Bocals from Amati, Nickel/silver plated.

- Cork grease - Screw driver  -Bore brush

This is an ideal instrument for college/high school student

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This video clips were played by this Riedl bassoon you will receive


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